Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fish n chips can be healthy!

What fish n chips me? Says the man who lost 5lbs in week one "stop it absolutely not"! I have to say for those of you out there that follow this blog you may recall a bet I lost about the this shirt from Beth not fitting him. Well for sure as you can see it does now with room to move so there is no denying that this wee Scotsman is losing weight. He hasn't cut out alcohol completely but reckons he has cut down, if you see him ask about the sneaky exercise routine once the wife has gone to bed!

The rest of these happy campers did have fish n chips and loved them, Flynt at the far end so much so that he took two orders to go for later. I had some last week pre the weigh in a day after they were cooked and once zapped in the microwave they were still fine, possibly why I weighed in so much, ummm no more for me for a while.

Look who is here all the way from Belmopan to hang out, possibly why it rained this morning as she tends to bring that from the jungle with her each time. Welcome back Karen my Jayne of the jungle friend, of course she had the lighter bite menu choice this evening which was?

Grilled fish n salad, same fish same venue different calories, roll on week two's weigh in as that cheeky Scot Robbie may have won the battle but this is now a war!

For those out there not needing to lose any weight then this is how their dinner looked, fresh fish in our own beer battered batter every Tuesday from 6pm Lime. Your choice, would you go for this version or the lighter one? Cheers for now have a great day from all of us here in sunny San Pedro, Belize.

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