Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday and look who's here!

It was a football Saturday in Lime and now that we have our nice TV the Batsub guys came in to watch it. Some of the boys had a hearty breakfast which seemed to be a hangover over cure but for one or two it tipped them over the edge!

Here is Dave again who came in and hung with JD for a while

Charlie is still not right and needs a nap or two throughout the day on his favourite sofa

Muppet was going to join Charlie but he woke up just in time as it was going on his head, we are sad I know but we amuse ourselves so it's all good.

Easter bunnies in Lime

Ok there was a panty ripper or two involved and a few lighthouse

Megan joined in the fun and looked so cute

Our new cook, Lucy who is Karen's sister and has been holding the fort while karen is away with family in the mainland, cheers Lucy you are doing a stella job!

A horny Easter bunny

Like my new top, it is so cheeky a bit like me I guess. Thanks to my very good friend from Chicago I have some new clothes.

Tammy is new to San Pedro and loves it already and planning to come back next year. She hasn't even been diving yet but knows she is going to have the best time ever.

Yerhhhh Racquel Phillips is back on the island and look how happy she is to be here!

The Easter break is only just beginning and we have a whole weekend of fun ahead of us, cheers to everyone out there have a great one ttfn.

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