Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Another cocktail party, week 26 - already!

Here we go again another Sunday has come around and it's time to party with all our crazy RCI owners here at Banyan Bay and those from around the world that have come for a visit!
Sharon in the foreground and Erik popping his head around the corner and Cindy taking the pictures. Do we ever get bored of these things we get asked? Absolutely not as no two weeks are ever the same as no two people are, so here's to many more we say!

Sharon and her favourite Sonnier family member called Abby, she bought me a mini Lisbon that she has been desperately waiting for months to give to me, we are going to call her Abby though in her honour and she is to be the Vacation Club mascot!!

Bless her she's so sweet and Sharon so silly!

Wow the food this week was the best so far, these were plantain with cream cheese on top!

Our quiz winners who must have done thier research as they got 6/8, Robin and Ron Deady-well done! Cindy has just told me they had help from their daughters via walkie talkies in their room, well done some more for enlisting the family for help. Enjoy a glass or two on us!

The whole Sonnier family, 3 generations of those lovely women, lucky Mr Blake!

The Arima family here for the first time and mixing with all our repeat guests. As we were to find our the young lady in the group Yoko is a huge dog person so she could be found playing with Skipper and Susie each time they stopped by on our beach at Banyan Bay.

A very happy Erik Lausen, must be all that rum punch! Ok he's got a water, who needs punch!

Our very regular owners Peggy Shea and Michael McGuire who have been coming a couple of times a year for the past few. They bring not only their lovely smiles but many treats for the dogs of the island, good to have you guys back with us! Michael is a photographer so watch out for some fabbo shots posted on this once we steal them!

The White family back for the first time since they became RCI owners here with us, they like the special VIP treatment as in bottles of wine on arrival and cocktail nights from being an owner! They are not camera shy at all, look at those model smiles.

Look at all those nibbles!
These were very unique as in cucumber, filled with a saucy beef mix, I know as Raquel Phillips made me try one before she did - I hate my job sometimes, however they were yummy!

Some of the lovely Raquel Phillip's entourage, as in Kelly and Dan and their adorable children Jake and Micky, and of course Raquel in the backround, back after only 5 weeks and still tanned!

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