Thursday, July 10, 2008

Who's this making a guest appearance at BBay?

For those visitors to San Pedro out there you may recognise this man as being JD. I was leaving Banyan Bay the other evening and this man was coming in to have a wee whisky with the McAdams, our RCI owners and a Scottish counterpart to the one and only John Dalgarno.
They were to have one wee dram but in fact they managed to consume about half a bottle of 12 yr old single malt-Highland Park! Great to see him and to know that some things will never change, like only one drink!

Photo thanks to our very own photographer Michael McGuire


tacogirl said...

What a great photo of you and JD

Douglas said...

Hey Sharon, I've been following your blog, it's great. What a brilliant picture of you and John. Keep up the good work walking off the weight, you might even get me inspired! Send John my love. Teresa in MX