Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sad Saturday morning!

There are two reasons why I am blue today, the first is totally my fault as it was to be my last drinking Friday night for a while. Therefore I indulged in a few adult beveridges such as peach vodka and the new slimline drink of soda in Pedro's last night!
The other is that alot of my lovely RCI owners and now friends are leaving today. Week 26 flew by in a nano second with not enough hours in the days to hang out together. Luckily many of them popped into Pedro's yesterday evening knowing they would see Cindy ( she works on Friday evenings only) and myself in there catching up with many other ex-pats. Usually Cindy and myself have some good tales to tell about our weeks adventures in Banyan Bay and Grand Colony.
The lovely Racquel and her group had been on an all day trip to the mainland and had started drinking beers early in the afternoon so were rather merry by the time they reached. Peggy and Michael stopped in after a wonderful dinner at hidden Treasure which JD has started naming Sharon's treasure as I seem to go there quite a bit. Beth was there to surprise many people as we hadn't told everyone about her trip this time so that was fun seeing people register her in there.
All in all a lovely evening but now paying the price, it won't be hard giving up drink for the first few days at least.

So what and who are we in store for in wk 27? The lucky Sonnier family have week two to go and that's about it for familiar faces. I am sure we will have plenty of tales to tell as the week unfolds.

Above is taken in that naughty pub Pedro's, take a look at that wall and then wonder why people feel rough on a Saturday.

Below is where I spend some time most Saturdays at the wee San Pedro terminal saying goodbye to people. It is very sad but like I say the sooner everyone leaves the sooner they come back! Bon Voyage gang.

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