Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sharon does Sabotage!

Hi there, this is Cindy aka Julie McKoy - it would appear that this is war!

I would try to dispel any myths about my cheese loving, but I've obviously been totally busted with that photograph.

However, I would like to point out, that after just 3 days of our 16-week effort Sharon is using sabotage tactics. It's official, she's playing dirty.

She put Pringles and chocolate cookies in Laura's office yesterday, today she gave all of us a little packet of Hershey's Kissables and I swear I saw her Pedometer on Lisbon's collar.......

Sabotage Sharon and her chocolates

1 comment:

Scrumps said...

Hi there Cindy aka Julie McKoy

Looks like you have a fight on your hands so look out for Shaz as she knows all the tricks in the book and (as you probably know) she likes to win.

So good luck Shaz I will not tell your secrets, honest, did you say no alcohol for 16 weeks too!!!!!

Hope you had a good birthday bash presumably in Pedro's?