Friday, July 18, 2008

Monkies at Banyan Bay?

Look closely at this picture and see what and who is peeping around the corner of the B building at Banyan Bay this dreary Friday morning!

It is the resident monkey Pancho normally seen next door.
He is putting on quite a show for our guests which is great as they were hanging around wondering what to do and are now watching this delightful creature hanging around too!

He just keeps jumping from balcony to balcony seeing who is around.

Ok now onto our two legged monkies! This is our one and only Lee from front desk with his family from LA who have been with us all week. They bought RCI membership two years ago and are back to see friends and family as they are originally from Belize City. Richard and Lisa and their adorable children Justin and Crystal and of course the super cool Lee!

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