Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cocktail party, week 27

Assir Tzul, the financial controller at Banyan Bay stopped by to see what we do at these cocktail parties after seeing the bill for it week after week! He couldn't help himself with wanting to do our quiz and win the bottle of wine, however he needs to brush up on what goes on in and around San Pedro - chicken drop is not every night just Wednesdays!

One very happy lady who did win the quiz and was thrilled to see that the bottle of wine was named after her! Plus it not only looks good but we know it is a tasty little number and perfect whilst sitting on the balcony overlooking the Caribbean sea. Check out her model smile!

Sharon and her favourite young guest this week, the dog walker Abby Sonnier, yep here for their second week of this year which is running away too quickly. She is one hugable little one.

Cindy and Sharon being healthy, well it is week one and there are such high stakes! Sharon stood to the back, wearing black and breathing in, she knows how to cheat the camera! Check out those stepometers they are getting a work out themselves!

Sharon forgot her name badge so threw together a cheeky one answering all the questions we frequently get asked!

Such lovely families we have this week and these are the parents of one of them, the happy couple proving that they knew about Belize by winning out quiz with a high scoring 5/8!

Umm cookies this week made by our fantastic kitchen staff who are not trying to help at all in our health quest!
The quiche was divine!

Nibbles for the guests and cucumber for the girls being healthy!

The sun is still shining and the guests are happy so no apologies for this shot.

Serious participants
Smile you're on holiday
Our very happy exchange couple Debbie and Ron liking this week's rum punch!

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