Tuesday, July 29, 2008

SAGA fundraiser

This is the reason why you have not heard from us for a few days! We have been really busy bunnies raising money for SAGA, the humane society.
On Sunday morning in Centrail Park we literally roasted in the sunshine under those tents!

What a great yard sale, and a fantastic turnout. We raised 2,500 dollars for the puppies and kittens of San Pedro - well done to all involved.

Special thank yous to the town board, all volunteers, Colette our new door "bouncer", Gecko Graphics, and Chef Sean of the French Bakery who baked 15 fresh baguettes for us on Sunday morning (his day off)!

Heather the vet from SAGA, with some puppies and kittens

The kittens stole the show

Carole and Tacogirl's stall

Paul making bacon butties

Rather pregnant stray dog, she is now happily living at Fort Dog waiting to have her puppiesAn abundance of cautionThe 2 Pauls fundraising, or is that just drinking beer?The lovely Marie from Gecko Graphics, selling super smoothies

Excellent job to all and thank you for coming!

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