Sunday, July 6, 2008

It's the 6th of July!!!

Now obviously being totally British, Cindy and I and the Pedro gang didn't celebrate as Chris Burkey put it, the day you lot kicked the King's ass out as in the Fourth of July!
However we as in the royal we, Cindy and I, are going to celebrate the 6th of July! Why? It's the day we made some huge personel changes, as in our eating and general well being routine! It is here, the the day we planned weeks ago so later on goes the weigh in and measurements of all the bits and pieces we want to reduce! You don't need to be a detective to work those ones out.
Now like the muppets we both can be we have arranged the to do Sunday brunch at Rico's restaurant at Banyan Bay with a bunch of friends this morning so this will really be a test of our willpower. Photos to follow of this later on once the IT girl is up and about. I for now will put on the stepometer and go for a super power walk with the four legged ones.

This was taken at Hidden Treasure the first evening we went there, Cindy and Steve and myself when I used to like cake! Ummm their key lime pie was worth the calories I have to say.

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