Thursday, July 3, 2008

Shout out to Brazil!

Good morning to one and all and especially Geraldo in Brazil, whom I don't know, have never met and only now know of him via this blog. He very kindly posted an encouraging comment about our blog here in Belize so I want to acknowledge him with a hello.
Well it's Thursday morning and we are nearer the end of the week now than the beginning or middle! Our guests this week have really been super busy as some we have hardly seen since cocktails on Sunday evening.
A lot of diving seems to be the theme and the water has calmed down a bit which is great, visibility could be better by all accounts but you do what you can with what you have. I sound so in authority of these things however those out there that know me, know that as of yet I am only certified in being mad at times. I will and have promised a few people that I will get out there and see what I am missing with that other world underwater!
I have so much going on on top of land that hardly have time to fit all that in! Saying that my good friend from Rhode Island, Beth Hart will be here on Friday for a couple of weeks, so I know we will be busy bees once again.
Anyhow lovely people out there have a great day and know that paradise awaits you TTFN.

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