Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another Sunday and another cocktail party

The food was as usual excellent however the chef is on our side and tried to make it a bit healthy as in cucumber filled with lobster salad! Not sure how many calories were in the scrummy fried roll little guys but we did try!

Wow do we have our hands full this week with this lovely group of ladies or what! Linda Hillhouse an RCI owner from last year back without her husband but instead 3 very good friends. They were the life and soul of the party and will continue that wherever they are this week I have no doubt about that, look out for the telltale pictures to follow!

Our honeymoon couple of the week, make the most of this shot as they haven't been seen since! I lie as those of you that know how small San Pedro is will not be surprised that I saw them 3 times whilst cycling around SP yesterday and they thought I was stalking them! Yes Desi Rosado FYI I am now glued to that bike and absolutely love it as I can weave in and out of traffic and don't have to wait in a queue! That would be a line to those of you on the American side of the world! Our newest members of this week, Ross and Robyn Biggar all the way from New Zealand no less! Travelling through Belize on the way to a conference in the States, we look forward to having them back here with us next year with some of their family in tow.

The Sloan family who did very well on the quiz with some help from the boys who knew their dwarves alright.

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