Friday, July 4, 2008


Good day people, here we are about to start another Friday that came at us like a football from David Beckham! It was always coming but really at a great speed this week.
I love Fridays as usualy we can catch up with our guests after their hetic week as this is the day they will be found chilling out. This is not the case for the Phillips group as their one non-diving day is to be spent zipping through the jungle and whizzing in and out of caves! The McAdams which are minus dad this trip due to his work have made a point of having some serious beach time this visit so we know they are all relaxed and ready to face their lives back in Texas. The Shea family have been good at fitting in all they want to and enough dives to keep them going till their next visit. The Whites are all Belized up till 2010 and the lovely Ellis gang are happy now that their children have experienced San Pedro.
So from us it was a lovely week all in all, no dramas except Cindy's 2 stints at child minding for the Phillips gang which each time had a wee incident for the accident prone Jake but as we all know boys will be boys. Her version of him just toppling into the water watching a crab was the best! He sees the funny side and has the grazes on his leg to prove what a hurry he was in to get away from the massive crab in there!
Saturdays are officially day off for the Vacation Club department as it is a busy change over day so we like to await to see what's in store for next week on Sunday mornings.
Here's to a great weekend for all you people out there, for our RCI owners here at Banyan Bay and Grand Colony we are doing a special offer for the next few months for friends and family of them so please drop me an email at for more details.

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