Sunday, July 6, 2008

Helping hands

Wow days like today are what it's all about, helping people in need. My very good friends Phil and Marie of Gecko Graphics had arranged a fund raising barbeque this afternoon in central park to raise money for a lovely lady Duly Cruz. Duly is one of their helpers at Casa Caracol and is in need of a gallstone operation needing help to raise the necessary funds for it, therefore it was all hands to the deck.
The weather was completely on their side with brilliant sunshine and a pleasant breeze. Beth and I offered to do our bit with raffling an Ipod shuffle so went from store to store and bar to bar and street corners all over to accost people into parting with 10bz. We sold 30 tickets and drew the winning ticket at 3pm which was the fabulous Jerry who works at Gecko.
Marie bless her who had been working all day Saturday till 11pm that night was non stop on the barbe section and sold out mid afternoon then everyone except myself of course moved onto her fantastic selection of cakes! A huge round of applause goes out to Phil and Marie and their many friends who helped both physically and giving their support financialy. It was a fun afternoon and gave us all a good feeling for being a part of it and proving what a caring community this is.
Here is Marie and Phil celebrating my birthday a while back, let's hope thay have the energy for a beer or two after their busy weekend, thumbs up for a fantastic result guys!

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