Monday, July 21, 2008

Week 2 and still going strong!!!

Yesterday was the big weigh in for Cindy and I for week two of our healthy regime and weight loss competition. Cindy came breezing in at 9am which is very unlike her to be so lively as she is not a morning person usually at all. (I resent that lol, Cindy)
Into the ladies toilet we went and did we come out with a big smile on our faces or what. I lost 2.2 kilos and Cindy 0.4 kilos this week. Therefore so far for those Brits out there who like us are in lbs and not kilos I have lost just over 10lbs so far and Cindy just under 5lbs. Laura to be weighed this morning and Balti well not sure what is going on with that one, will post that on Wednesday if he is still in the game.
Yesterday was the opening of a new beach bar at Caribbean Villas where the usual crowd met to support it and everyone except us two helped the takings over the bar! Luckily for Graham the manager, their bills consisted of more than 2bz dollar soda waters!
So now we start week 3 and will see how the willpower goes as this is when the novelty will start to wear off! Photos of what we did last night will follow later on today, till then ta ta for now as I must get my pedometer on and walk those dogs.

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