Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Skipper and Susie, one month on

They have just been to see Heather the Vet at SAGA. Their booster shots were due, so we grabbed Steven and took them all down. When we got there, Heather gave them some dewormer and advised us that it was time for them to be spayed and neutered and told us that it would be best to give them their booster shots whilst they were under anaesthesia.
They are booked in for Friday morning and so we shall return.

At Banyan Bay

On the golf cart
Skipper and Steven
Just arrived at SagaSharon with a wiggly Susie
With Heather

This is Ariel - she is lovely, cuddly, and purrs a lot! Her folks had to leave the country and now she is at SAGA. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ADOPT HER!

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