Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New beginnings?

For those out there that know me, know that I have a wee tattoo on my back. It is a Chinese symbol with a sun around it and I had it after September 11 th whilst visiting family in Long island, New York.
Having always wanted one but never knowing quite what to have and the timing not being right I was at a loss when we braved into the shop after a couple of glasses of wine. I looked through the many books and decided on a small symbol which fitted why I was having time out in the states (thank you Stevie B). My cousin Alicia thought that the symbol on it's own wasn't quite enough therefore added her version of the sun around it and that's what I now have, larger than ever planned but as we all know staying there for life!
The meaning of the symbol is new beginnings which can be brought into play anytime in our lives. Beth and I were having a super power walk yesterday morning ( clocked up 26788 , 9.58 miles throughout the day s0 beat that Cindy) and discussing this very issue. There is never a bad time to make positive changes in life and have a focus and plan in place.
Cindy and I started this health competition for fun and banter however it has taken over a life of it's own. Two of the guys at work now want to join in and everyone at Banyan Bay seems to know about it and is discussing it. Peter Lawrence aka Pedro is even suggesting taking bets on who will win especially now that he knows the financial controller Assir Tzul is joining us.
I have been here before over the years and lost weight and then unfortunately put it back on and we all know it's about changing the way we do things. Therefore I am excited at where we are with this health regime and fingers crossed it will be one I stick to even after I have won!
Beth has just quoted the line it takes 21 days to change a habit, therefore after 16 wks we should be pretty much there! I have to go now and power walk my poor dogs that also seem to be involved in this through no fault of their own.

Photos to follow of last nights-you guessed it cocktail party!

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