Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cocktail party, week 30

Wow after a hetic weekend fundraising we are now into another week in paradise. Having being very distant from work for a couple of days this was the first chance to see who we have this week so here goes.

Our lovely guests all the way from Holland enjoying the weather we have in San Pedro.

Ummm some more yummy healthy snaks!

Our lovely exchange couple the Moore family, getting certified in warm waters.

A very happy friend of a condo owner (that means he doesn't pay so even wonder the big smile)

Two lovely ladies all the way from Britain that own in Portugal and here with us for two weeks, look at what her husband is getting up to on the next photo!

These two are not actually together as their other halves were on each of their sides but look what happens after a few of Sharon's rum punches anything goes! Only kidding the man on the left is here on an exchange and is part of the Porter family and would you believe the lady is an owner of ours and also called Porter so even wonder the mix up!!!
Here she is again with her lovely daughter and her real husband, they plan to have a very hetic week so this may be the only time we see them.

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