Friday, July 4, 2008

Weights and Measures!!!!

Ok three cups of tea later and I am nearly ready to face the day ahead! After realising that today is Friday resulting in tomorrow being Saturday it dawned on me that the day after is Sunday! What is she going on about I hear you ask well Sunday the 6th of July is the date that Cindy and I set weeks ago as the day we start our huge health drive and competition whilst doing it!
Cindy and myself have both progressively put on weight over the past few months and both want to lose it therefore what better way than to do it via a competition and via this blog!
We are to put in 25bz a week and have a weigh in and measure every Sunday morning, after 16 weeks the charity of our choice takes all! We both have our pedometers to see who clocks up the most steps and plan to seriously cut down on the drinking, exercise more and eat less fattening foods!
We know like many people out there how to be more health conscious but living here on the island and the lifestyles we have with our guests it is sometimes very hard to say no! However we will have to and would love any encouraging tips from our followers out there. You can email myself at that way Cindy will never see them! I know aren't I the competitive tinker, just kidding use vc@! We are hoping that one or two more at Banyan Bay may join in for the fun and banter that will be created along the way with this.
We will not bore you with the details and will not be publishing starting weights etc just our progress along the way and of course some amusing photos to go with it, such as Sharon on her bike, Cindy first thing walking Molly etc and the best will be both of us sat in Pedro's with a soda water! Needless to say the red wine is off my list of drinks but my fave one now is my lovely peach vodka with soda, you can't be perfect and have to have the odd one! Like a very good friend of ours once told me you can't trust a man that doesn't drink and as we all know JD aka John Dalgarno likes a wee dram or two, on that note it's time to walk the dogs so ta ta for now.

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Tiona Luster said...


Your Blog Rocks!!! As a yearly visitor to Banyan Bay it is great to be able to see all the changes going on there. Keep up the blogging. I read your bog each and everyday and am disappointed when their is not a new entry that day.

Tiona Luster
Colchester, Connecticut