Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Skipper and Susie, one month on

They have just been to see Heather the Vet at SAGA. Their booster shots were due, so we grabbed Steven and took them all down. When we got there, Heather gave them some dewormer and advised us that it was time for them to be spayed and neutered and told us that it would be best to give them their booster shots whilst they were under anaesthesia.
They are booked in for Friday morning and so we shall return.

At Banyan Bay

On the golf cart
Skipper and Steven
Just arrived at SagaSharon with a wiggly Susie
With Heather

This is Ariel - she is lovely, cuddly, and purrs a lot! Her folks had to leave the country and now she is at SAGA. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ADOPT HER!

Cocktail party, week 30

Wow after a hetic weekend fundraising we are now into another week in paradise. Having being very distant from work for a couple of days this was the first chance to see who we have this week so here goes.

Our lovely guests all the way from Holland enjoying the weather we have in San Pedro.

Ummm some more yummy healthy snaks!

Our lovely exchange couple the Moore family, getting certified in warm waters.

A very happy friend of a condo owner (that means he doesn't pay so even wonder the big smile)

Two lovely ladies all the way from Britain that own in Portugal and here with us for two weeks, look at what her husband is getting up to on the next photo!

These two are not actually together as their other halves were on each of their sides but look what happens after a few of Sharon's rum punches anything goes! Only kidding the man on the left is here on an exchange and is part of the Porter family and would you believe the lady is an owner of ours and also called Porter so even wonder the mix up!!!
Here she is again with her lovely daughter and her real husband, they plan to have a very hetic week so this may be the only time we see them.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

SAGA fundraiser

This is the reason why you have not heard from us for a few days! We have been really busy bunnies raising money for SAGA, the humane society.
On Sunday morning in Centrail Park we literally roasted in the sunshine under those tents!

What a great yard sale, and a fantastic turnout. We raised 2,500 dollars for the puppies and kittens of San Pedro - well done to all involved.

Special thank yous to the town board, all volunteers, Colette our new door "bouncer", Gecko Graphics, and Chef Sean of the French Bakery who baked 15 fresh baguettes for us on Sunday morning (his day off)!

Heather the vet from SAGA, with some puppies and kittens

The kittens stole the show

Carole and Tacogirl's stall

Paul making bacon butties

Rather pregnant stray dog, she is now happily living at Fort Dog waiting to have her puppiesAn abundance of cautionThe 2 Pauls fundraising, or is that just drinking beer?The lovely Marie from Gecko Graphics, selling super smoothies

Excellent job to all and thank you for coming!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Stumpy the iguana has been in the wars

Poor stumpy, our resident 3-footed green iguana - he is stunningly gorgeous with his 2 foot long tail.
Oh dear, I mean no tail.
I have no idea what happened to him, but luckily he's an iguana and his tail will grow back, unlike his foot....
Even though he's steadily getting smaller, he's still a handsome devil!

It's Beth's birthday!

Surprise surprise!!! What a lovely night at the Sunset Grill
Our lovely birthday girl, Beth with her balloon

Oh dear, Sharon finds cake

Unidentified blue shot of something! I heard mumbles of "fairy liquid" near me

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Love is in the air!

Wow not only do we have love all around us here this week our owners are at it all over the world! As in getting engaged and married, congratulations to Nunio Calce and his lovely fiancee Danielle. We look forward to the wedding pictures in August.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Cocktail party, week 29

The Clark family took time out from our very serious quiz to be snapped by Cindy.

Smile for the camera says Cindy and what a response she got from this cute pair. They are the Dohety family and very happy to be here on an RCI exchange.

Assir the financial controller stopped by to say hello whilst picking up to go for his families dinner from Rico's, no chance to do the quiz as he now knows the answers from the other week. Check out those knees, bless him he usualy wears long trousers at work every day.

The Baker family are back with us, these guys are the number one timeshare/vacation club owners with us as they bought the first two weeks ever sold. That was eight years ago and they have been coming back ever since mostly twice a year the lucky devils. James (aka Jim) and Elaine and their son Cullen who is taller than all the family now. They usualy bring friends and bad weather with them so fingers crossed for all of us this week.

Some visitors from the resort next door coming to eat at Rico's and see what the party is all about. They knew Cindy and I from Tacos blog and knew all about our competition with regards to fitness and weight loss! Damn those blogs there are no secrets at all now.

This is our honeymoon couple of the week and how georgous are they, Scott and Alicia Kivorsky. His dad bought membership earlier in the year and gave them the week for thier honeymoon bless him. They vouched for the pizza this week and had seconds, have to keep their strength up!
What a close family we have here or did they just take time out from fighting for the photo!

More of the same family, model smiles must come from mum.

Another cute pair getting married this week so look out for the photos of that after Wednesday.

The Powell family, very happy to be here.

The Thurbons back to see us, they were here in March but needed another San Pedro fix.