Saturday, January 31, 2009

What you think your on holiday?

So a few months back when my mum jested about coming for 3 months and what would they do we came up with the idea of some DIY for my dad. That stands for Do It Yourself in the UK and there is a chain of hardware stores called that. My mum was going to teach me how to cook! Umm well here we go, bless him in the heat of the day he can be seen scraping the burglar bars and then repainting them. I am in the process of buying this house if it ever comes out of probate so they are helping me increase the value of it and making it look nice.

Isn't he a happy chappy in his work even in the hottest moments.

So what was mother doing while he is busy on one side of the house? She is doing something she has never ever done before!

De-veining shrimp as like the muppet I can be I go along to the Belikin distributors and ask for a box of shrimp even though Marie from Ghecko graphics has told me before you can pay a bit extra and have them good to go! Ah well it kept fossil 2 occupied while I googled a recipe with shrimp in it, who needs mother when we have Internet eh!

Ok it got hot and everyone had done their chores for the day so time to chill and get some sun therapy!
Mum with her not so favourite dog by her side, unlike Jackie though Lisbon does ignore my mum and just sits there.
Ok time to go see other one as mother had just splashed Lisbon which was rather mean of her. However it did the trick as Lisbon headed over to a chilled out dad in the hammock thinking of cold and dreary England no doubt, NOT! Sorry auntie D to tease you as I know you are freezing in Calgary right now.
What a successfull day, they can come back tomorrow we think and the nest day and the nest!

New restaurant in town!

I know my friends and family out there think that all we do is eat but honestly there is more to life here in San Pedro than that, we drink as well!
So off we go on another road trip all the way up north of the island of Ambergris Caye. Now some of you out there may laugh but it was pointed out to me yesterday that my very good friend Ruth, whom I have posted once or twice has not been that far yet and has lived here a year next month! Knowing what a foodie she is along with the rest of us and that she follows my blog here you go my very good buddy get yourself up there and here's one or two reasons why!

Jan a wee bit camera shy and M
Their nachos were absolutely fine and spicy

Not sure what these were some kinda roll things also very good

Ummm even better ones

Beth and I

Fossil one and the lovely Michelle, my new BFF till Cinders comes back!

Group shot
Ready and willing this time
Pulled chicken sandwich, glad I wasn't around to see the pulling!

Pulled pork, much tastier

Rice n beans

Always a favourite

Fossil two thought this was going to be small, HELLO!

Watching the crocs as you eat, I just missed getting one of them hanging out! Note to ones self, never bring Jackie or Lisbon to this place as they may never be seen again!

Always room for cake and wow was this worth the long drive up here!

Some serious rum cake equally delicious

Never a blog without a resident dog in the post

The sign says it all, a must over the weekend only though so don't head up the beginning of the week as you will be sorely disappointed.

Regular menu and some daily specials, well not every day as only open 3 a week! I think I would like to come and work for them for sure.

Bye bye cutie pie, sorry no leftovers for you Jackie and Lisbon are getting them.

Cool sign or what!

No valet parking which is a bit off don't you think, someone should have that idea eh!

You can't even pee without me lurking somewhere with the camera but unlike Phil, Mark went in the toilet!

Everyone is a photographer! The funny thing is that this one used to be in The Royal Air Force but you should see his efforts now! Absolutely hysterical but bless him he tries and as I am told every day he is such a great guy that I am blessed to have them as parents! Thank goodness for digital is all I can say! Check out the footwear, European or what, the timeshare gangs are having a field day with my fossils as everyone wants them to go on tour but they say no thanks you we know Sharon, seems to work for now as they haven't bought anything yet!

Pit stop on the way home for the real photographer and to tease you cold and miserable lot of followers out there!
We will steal her photos later as looking at that beast of a camera there will be some good ones!

Another great trip out with good food, good rum, who can get that wrong eh! Most of all good company, I hope this entices a few visitors and people that live here to pop up to The lazy Croc as not only is their food good but they are really nice people which counts for me big time as one can eat anywhere even home! TTFN

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shout out to muppets!

This picture is for our Cinders who is actually on her way home right now to Belize but I thought she would like to see the special people in her life. Paul her other half is taking Molly her wee dog our for a run and what better way to do it, kill two birds with one stone as the saying goes.

I just had to post this one as we were heading north to a new restaurant and stopped to fill up the golf buggie. I thought I had lost my mum but turned around and there she is as can be seen having a chat with a lovely local man. I can only guess what they were saying and am totally bemused by the whole thing because as far as I am concerned this man only speaks Spanish and my mum only speaks English ( with a northern accent). What do they say about worlds apart, this was a lovely moment that had to be captured. Pictures and post of the rest of the day to follow ttfn have to walk the wee ones.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Obama's first decision

This made me smile and I hope it does the same to you! Have a great day from not so sunny Belize right now, cold and wet!

Change of contact

Hello faithful followers out there, this is just a quickie as I am not having the best of days. I have a new mobile phone number in effect immediately. Obviously I will not be putting that on the blog as there are some quirky characters out there that may decide to start stalking me. However if you are a good friend of mine no doubt you will have an email address for me.
I am away from work for this week so there should be many more posts of myself hanging out with the fossils, unfortunately it is raining non stop today so the photos will not be current cheers all ttfn.

Friday night is Wet Willies night!

Friday night was a fundraiser at Wet Willies so we headed there to start the evening for a change.Mark and Michelle our new residents from Canada came along to see how we spend a good night out! Friends and alcohol are usually a good mix for that recipe.

The fossils came along too! Minus Auntie D of course who names them the fossils!

Eat your hearts our siblings I still have them for a few more weeks!

She was a very good singer and entertainer

Forrest flying around with raffle prizes and taking peoples five dollar entry fee, our A Lister Ruddy in the foreground always to be found at a do.

A good crowd of people starting to show, all on Belize time of course.

Vern Wilson starting off with a few raffle prizes

She kept on going and filled in all the gaps, trying hard to get people into the swing of the evening as it was a fundraiser for the Holy Cross school.

Our lot looking to be having an in-depth conversation.

This lady in the colourful jacket is a hoot, I can't remember her name but really like her!

The adorable Kayleen who manages the place with her husband Garrick.

Marilyn Marx another huge supporter of any event going on around the island and a whole lot of fun to boot.
Ah family bonding

Action shots of us bidding I do believe

Bless him Vern was trying to get blood out of a stone with some of these auctions and they were really good things to bid on.

Marilyn got a fabbo two nights at Blue Reef for four people so she was fairly happy.

You have to love this man even after he has had too many one barrels as he is just a gem and a happy chappy.
Time to dance

The rum has been flowing

Look at these two after nearly 50yrs and still going strong! ( he called have killed her and been out by now!) Just kidding they both have their moments but really are the greatest people or so I am told right now by all my friends! Laurie I have to tell you you were so right though as that apple did not fall far from that tree!

It was a great night with some cool auction stuff to walk away with, good luck to the Wilson's and all their fundraising as they do a great job for the school and the island cheers.